RaveReady Clothing

RaveReady Clothing

In our quest for all the hottest EDM fashion out there we could not resist to share with you RaveReady.

In 2007 RaveReady was created as a means to host events, distribute unique merchandise, news, and music to the underground electronic music scene. In the last few years EDM has exploded with events and music hitting the mainstream and they have been hanging on for one crazy ride! Doubling in size every year since inception and have no intentions of slowing down now.

“It’s time to get Rave Ready for your next festival or EDM party! And there’s no easier way to costume up than to shop here, we’ve got the largest selection of rave clothing and outfits, J. Valentine, UFO pants, Kikwear Jeans, rave pants, costumes, kandi masks and everything else you could possibly need! We offer the lowest prices on the best gear and accessories, flat rate shipping, and stellar customer service agents are here to help. If for any reason you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will find it for you! We spend our nights on the dance floor right next to you so we want to make sure you’re smiling and the PLUR is flowing.”

RaveReady.com prides themselves on stocking unique and hard to find clothing, fast shipping, super-low prices, and outstanding customer service. They are the factory dealers and distributors for most of the products you see on the website and they do their best to keep it in stock all the time.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles and welcome you to stop in and pick up your orders or check out a few items

    The mission of the RaveReady is to create a bridge between artists/labels and fans by:

  • Selling merchandise that is generally unavailable or hard to sell by directing it to the proper fan.
  • Introducing new clothing lines and artists that deserve to be heard and seen!
  • Posting artist news and interviews
  • Helping people.

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