Ravers, Let’s Do Better

Ravers, Let’s Do Better

When I attended the FestForums conference a few weeks ago, I expected to hear about all types of festivals, and I did. I was excited any time they mentioned electronic festivals specifically, since that’s very much in my wheelhouse. Yet some of the more jarring moments of the conference were the numerous times EDM festivals were spoken about in a negative light. It wasn’t exactly a surprise to me as I’m well aware of how the EDM scene is viewed to the outside world. But it made me want to shout a call to action: Ravers, let’s do better.

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Did you know that electronic festivals have the highest rate of attendees committing ticket fraud? People will buy tickets, attend the festival, and then call their credit card companies claiming a fraudulent purchase and asking for the money back. While no statistics were given on how often this is actually successful, it is a huge burden on festival producers’ time to have to address each charge-back request. Come on, guys. Do you want the people running your favorite festivals to spend their time doing unnecessary paperwork because you want to scam them out of the $300 that you rightfully owed them? Or do you want them to spend their energy making next year’s festival even better? Ravers, let’s do better.

One FestForums panel was about the legal and technical aspects of filming your festival. There were several lawyers on the panel, one of whom shared that festivals should probably never use close-up footage of crowds in their recap or promo videos unless they have actually attained signed release forms. And then a joke from another panelist: “You definitely can’t do that at electronic festivals anyway, everyone is on so many drugs you can’t show them close up.”

I don’t want to preach at you too much, but I will say this – whatever you choose to do at a festival, please be safe. Be responsible. Exercise moderation, and help your friends to do the same. When the rest of the world thinks of our gatherings as drug-fueled chaos, we know there’s a problem. Ravers, let’s do better.

While there are always a few bad eggs, we need to collectively demonstrate the positive aspects of this scene. We need to embody the PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) mantra that we wear on our kandi bracelets. Let’s discourage bad behavior by being positive role models to those around us. We all know how amazing this community can be. Now let’s make sure everyone else knows, too.

Ravers, let’s do better.

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