RaveTrain TV with DJ BOOM TAIL Season 3 EP 4

RaveTrain TV with DJ BOOM TAIL Season 3 EP 4

In this episode of RaveTrain TV they feature the Hardstyle Trance or to be more specific American Hardstyle by DJ Boom Tail!

Boom Tail brings his original mixing and mashing skills to the dance floor with his hyper exciting builds and drops. His original styles of music get the floor bumpin with shufflers, hoopers, glovers, orbiters, go-gos and freestylers !

About Boom Tail:

Thomas Shaver aka Boom Tail has been writing music for a very long time. He was a metal drummer and was in a lot of bands before he found Hardstyle. One day while attending school his roommate invited him to a club in LA. At that time he was not to into clubs but decided to go anyway. The dj was playing hard trance which he had have never heard before and it blew him away. After that Shaver looked online for ever trying to find this music. Later his friend introduced him to Hardstyle and from that moment on he was hooked. “I loved the loud kick’s and the melodies. After my friend showed me Hardstyle I practiced making a kick for 6 years until I finally got the perfect one. I am still learning but every day we learn.”

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