RaveTrain TV Season 3 Episode 2 with DJ Taurus

RaveTrain TV Season 3 Episode 2 with DJ Taurus

RaveTrain TV, a webseries created by ravers for ravers, has just released the second episode of season 3. In this episode they we take down the traxxx with Smog Records very own DJ Taurus mixing a sick variety of bass music ranging from grime, dubstep and trap.

This episode also include some amazing hooping skills from Hoop Town Hotties from the California area showing their skills to Trap, Dubstep and Grime.

RaveTrain TV is a EDM web series featuring some of the top DJs, shufflers, glovers, go-gos, hoopers and flow artists. The show has made a return to Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA where they called home for season two as well. Hosts Johnny Blaze and Julianna Kovacs draw you in while the dancers, DJ’s and production of the series makes sure to keep your attention. Don’t forget about the “Cuddle Puddle” interviews! Julianna sits down with each DJ for a little one on one.

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