The Remarkable and Memorable Experience at LED’s My Life Everyday USA

The Remarkable and Memorable Experience at LED’s My Life Everyday USA

I have been going to EDM events and festivals for more than three years and I therefore have high expectations whenever I encounter a new event and venue. I had an open mind in traveling to San Diego from Los Angeles and was positive from what I had heard from fans in the past that LED events in San Diego are always incredible.

I arrived to the venue early on Saturday before the gates were open and I was instantaneously greeted and welcomed by other attendees to LED My Life Everyday. There had been a couple of instances of festivals I had been to in the past where a few individuals did not behave in a PLUR manner, but at My Life Everyday, everyone seemed to hold on to the core belief of the widely used acronym in the EDM culture.

One of the most PLUR individuals I met before the gates opened to the event were Tina and Ryan. Tina and Ryan were one of the friendliest couples I had ever met and I had a chance to get a few words from them regarding LED My Life Everyday. From my discussion with them, they were most excited to see Troyboi and loved the fact that the lineup mainly featured trap music. After I had finished asking their thoughts on the event, Ryan went out of his way to thoughtfully gift me a kandi since I attended without any kandi of my own and is a primary example of how friendly the fans were at My Life Everyday.

Once the gates opened, I was excited to meet other individuals and get their thoughts on the event and finally be able to see and experience the venue that I had heard so many great things about.

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After speaking with and snapping pictures with amazing and welcoming individuals I finally headed down to the arena and was awed by the size and structure of the Valley View Casino Center. I loved the fact that one is able to maneuver easily to the front of the stage and if a fan wants to take a break they can go straight to the stands that have a luxurious and comfortable feel to them.

I personally was most excited to see Dillon Francis and Cash Cash on day one and they both did not disappoint at all. Dillon Francis had a trap and hard bass feel to his set and made me go berserk when he dropped one of his newest songs “Need you”. Cash Cash were more diverse in their drops than I expected, but that’s what made their set awesome because they left me surprised and on my feet on every drop.

Overall the first day was fantastic and left me with a feeling of high anticipation for day 2.

Walking to the venue and receiving my pass for day 2 of LED My Life Everyday felt like de ja vu. In the same location where I had met Tina and Ryan the previous night, I met Chris and Roberto who were best friends from San Diego. I asked both who their favorite DJ set was from last night and they both agreed that it was without a doubt Dillon Francis. I then discussed how in my opinion the lineup was more stacked for day 2 and they agreed due to the lineup featuring powerful names in EDM such as Bassjackers, Tritonal, and Zeds Dead. After my questions on their thoughts on the event, Chris like Ryan the night before gave me a kandi that I was able to add to my collection from festivals I had been to in the past. I appreciated the kind gesture and knew that the night ahead was going to be wonderful.

As I walked in to the arena for day 2 I had the highlight of my weekend when I was able to interview Freedom Rave Wear. I had heard about and seen pictures from the beautiful designs they create, but their team left me absolutely blown away! Their personalities were vibrant and one can tell they have fun and have a strong passion for what they do. I was inspired by their mission statement and goals and appreciated how personal they are with fans and how they go out of their way to please their customers. You can listen to the full interview with Freedom Rave Wear Here:

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As I walked to the stage for day 2 I knew I had an amazing night ahead of me. I was most excited to see TIGERLILY and Tritonal who I had never had the chance to see at a festival. TIGERLILY stood out to me the most because of her strong presence as a female DJ in the festival and her distinguished style and energy she brought to her set. Tritonal’s set was jaw dropping and I thought they were the best out of all the DJ’s who performed in getting the crowd going.

The funniest moment that concluded my experience at My Life Everyday was during the last set of the event. I was extremely tired as I’m sure everyone else was and as soon as Zeds Dead came on stage I was no longer feeling weary and was rather full of energy again and that to me is truly special if a DJ duo can revitalize you through their music.

Once I exited the Valley View Casino Center I was sad it was all over, but more than glad to have been given the opportunity to cover and experience the event. LED My Life Everyday USA was absolutely special and I will never forget it. I recommend everyone to go next year if they have the opportunity because I have to say it is now my favorite festival I have ever been to and went far beyond my expectations.

Article by Alex Soto