Concert Review: Stick Figure – Above The Storm Tour

Concert Review: Stick Figure – Above The Storm Tour

Stick Figure has officially embarked on their nationwide Above the Storm Tour.  Recent stops include include Philadelphia, Cleveland, Madison and Chicago, where I caught them at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre. Additional reggae groups accompanying the reggae and dub band are Twiddle and Iya Terra.

Walking into the iconic concert venue, The Riviera bears a vintage look. The structure itself has been around for more than 100 years, so who can blame the dated facade and interior look, but if you ask me that’s what gives this building character. On a unseasonably warm winter night, it welcomed yet another host of music talent: Stick Figure.

The California-based reggae band played for a packed venue on what’s only the start of the multi-city tour. Both Twiddle and Iya Terra played generous sets, and as the last song from the supporting acts came to an end the anticipation only seemed to build.

Where’s there’s love there is life, there is a hope there a dream
This is the place for you and me — ‘Fire on the Horizon’

The lights dimmed as the backdrop adorned by the band’s name and purple lighting took over the stage while whistles and claps dominated the sound throughout. The band took position and immediately the crowd’s energy was high yet relaxed and chill.

Their setlist featured a few of my personal favorites from their 2015 album Set in Stone including ‘Choice is Yours,’ ‘Shadow,’ and ‘Fire on the Horizon’ and also newer songs such as ‘Above the Storm’ (2017, Above the Storm).

As they flowed from one song to the next, the room was filled with this warm, feel good vibe that reggae delivers. Stick Figure’s songs’ lyrics and themes range from swooping you up in a sea of love, as much of reggae does, to diving into an abyss of slightly different emotions. Their songs explore social issues, love, hope, learning to accept life as it is and understanding that not everything is under our control.

When you focus on the good things, all things under the sun
You free yourself from negativity and the good shall come — ‘Choice is Yours’

As I finish writing this I realize I forgot to take the signature marquee shot you’ll come across as you scroll through my Instagram. Sad show, guess this just means I’ll have to catch Stick Figure again, not mad about it. See them at this year’s One Love Cali Reggae Festival.

Comically Unique, Rambunctiously Colorful, Musically Crazed [ My Life is a Never Ending Concert ] – Reporting from the Windy City.