Rezz Announces Headlining Show At Red Rocks

Rezz Announces Headlining Show At Red Rocks

Rezz has been a rising star in the electronic world for a couple of years now, with 2017 being her golden year for success. Her debut album, Mass Manipulation, was released on mau5trap, followed by a world tour with the same name. She sold out shows, played massive festivals like Lost Lands and Ultra Japan, developed a “cult following”, got her own comic book, and even earned herself an endearing nickname: Space Mom. Therefore, her major announcement last night was no surprise to anyone. Rezz announced at her show in Denver, Colorado, that next year she will be headlining one of her most significant locations to date: Red Rocks.

Rezz is no stranger to Red Rocks, as she played Dead Rocks this year with Zeds Dead, Ghastly, and many more. However, most can agree that headlining one’s own Red Rocks show is a whole different ball game than being an opener. She is following in the footsteps of other quick-risers such as Snails and Illenium, who began as openers before announcing their very own Red Rocks nights.

Denver was the perfect spot of the Mass Manipulation tour for Rezz to make such an exciting announcement. Not only is it the location of her Red Rocks show, but it carries one of her biggest fanbases. In fact, Rezz initially only had one Denver show scheduled on her tour, which will take place tonight. However, tickets went so fast that she decided to schedule another show, which also sold out right away. This was where she made her announcement last night.

Rezz followed up to her big announcement on Twitter saying: “my Denver announcement tonight was RED ROCKS 2018 HEADLINE SHOW”, followed by another tweet reading “And yes I’m gonna name it ‘rezz rocks’ because that’s wat u all suggested”.


More information on this legendary event is yet to be released, but keep your eyes peeled! Space Mom is still on the rise and is likely to sell out this highly anticipated event. So take a seat, buckle up, and get ready to blast off…all the way to Rezz Rocks.

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