Rezz in NYC for Mass Manipulation Tour

Rezz in NYC for Mass Manipulation Tour

Like thousands and thousands others, I simply adore Rezz. Her music is extremely transcendent providing a place to escape from reality. Even being on line ups to festivals I’ve attended, I hadn’t ever made it to a set. Until recently in NYC.

Back in September I was the maid of honor in my best friends wedding. A few days after returning back to New York, I checked my email to find one from her. As a thank you, she sent me two Rezz tickets for her upcoming show! I was absolutely blown away! How’d I get so lucky have the worlds best friend?

Rezz played at PlayStation Theater in NYC, which is a super fun venue. Another show in a row riding the rail, fully capturing and embracing every beat, melody and drop in her . Rezz is bass mom for a reason. Her show was absolutely mesmerizing, hypnotizing and fascinating. So much deep, dark and heavy music comes out of such a small girl! It’s INCREDIBLE. The entire set she looked so calm, focused and aware. I truly was awestruck at how truly at ease she was as these incredibly soul captivating songs were blowing us all away.


Photo Credit: Santina Murin

Not only was her set nasty in the best possible way, her visuals were out of this world. Back in October she made a comment when replying to a fan via Twitter, that she has new visuals made for every single show. That’s unreal! What a unique and special treat for all of her fans in each and every city. It makes it feel very personalized and loving. Between her unique visuals, constant crazy lights and hypnotizing performance of an extremely ingenious and exclusive style and genre in the EDM world, Rezz did not disappoint.

All I know is her next show in NYC can’t come soon enough and whatever line up she’s on at any upcoming festival I’m attending in 2018, I’ll be there. I refuse to miss her set any time I have the opportunity to experience that again!