Ringing In The New Year With Claude VonStroke

Ringing In The New Year With Claude VonStroke

It’s the evening of December 30th, 2016. Ravers and festival goers from all over the country have gathered in Denver, Colorado for one reason: to ring in the New Year at the biggest EDM festival in the U.S., otherwise known as Decadence. When one drives or flies out for an event like this, it’s hard to not want to keep the party going after 2 or 3 am when the event comes to an end for the night. Therefore, the leaders of Decadence created a solution: to host an official after party with a top notch DJ. This DJ was none other than house legend Barclay Crenshaw aka Claude VonStroke.

The party, held at an event center in Denver called the Glitter Dome, officially began at 10 pm. However, the real action started around 2am when the Decadence attendees began to leave the festival and relocate to the party spot. By 3 the party was in full swing, and by 4 the entire event center was completely packed.
Crenshaw was joined by other Denver favorites such as Sacha Robotti, Keez, D Groves, Freddy Rule, and Timba. Each artist brought their own unique vibe to the room, and the wide variety of artists seemed to be a success considering the wide variety of guests.
No one was surprised that the party was a smash hit, seeing as Barclay Crenshaw is a Denver favorite. His genre and personal style seemed to be the perfect fit for such a party. While Decadence had been filled with genres ranging from trance to trap to dubstep, Crenshaw created an environment that remained upbeat yet laid back at the same time. While some DJs would tone down their normal style for a more house-y and chill vibe for such a party, Crenshaw seemed to mix in a more lively sound than he might at another type of show. Between classic house sounds and more bass-y dance songs, the crowd was riding the waves with Crenshaw the whole way through. The party finally began to wind down around 6, though many weren’t ready to go home and stayed until the very end.
Every time Barclay Crenshaw plays a show in Denver, he seems to bring out more and more people. What seems to be unique about him is that despite the genre he plays, he reaches EDM lovers from all different parts of the scene. House fans, bassheads, and trap lovers alike can attend his set and have a good time. New Year’s weekend was proof of this, because his party brought in people of all types to come together for a common reason, to celebrate the coming of a new year with a love we all share: good music.

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