Rufus Du Sol Performance In Lawrence, KS

Rufus Du Sol Performance In Lawrence, KS


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Rufus Du Sol performed last night at the Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas, and needless to say, it was fire. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rufus Du Sol, let me give you some background information.

Rufu Du Sol falls under the genre of alternative dance and house music. The group consists of three members: Tyrone Lindqvist for vocals and guitar, Jon George on the keyboards, and James Hunt on the drums. They started performing in 2010 in Sydney, Australia.The group’s latest album is called Bloom. They previously released the album Atlas in 2013. Before that, the group mainly created singles.

Last night, Rufus Du Sol put on an unforgettable show. The group performed for about an hour and a half. Two DJs performed before Rufus. DJ and singer Dena Amy performed first and then the DJ Cassian performed right before Rufus. The atmosphere of the show made every person in the Granada Theater feel energetic and alive.The entire show was extremely upbeat and fun-filled. The music had everyone dancing and moving in some way. Many people came from many different places to see Rufus. One girl, Bailey Green drove all the way from Oklahoma to see the show. Another guy, David Nguyen came from Denver with some friends. Because the Granada Theater is fairly small, probably around 250 people came to see Rufus perform. Near the end of the show, the group played their hit single, “You Were Right”.

Rufus Du Sol music can be found on Pandora, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify among a few other. The group also has pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Rufus Du Sol puts on an amazing show and is an experience like no other. If you would like to see Rufus, upcoming tour dates can be found at the website below.

Here is some of Rufus Du Sol’s music:

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