Fast Times at Safe In Sound 2016

Fast Times at Safe In Sound 2016

EDM fans rejoiced as the Safe In Sound tour spent the night at the 1st Bank Center outside of Denver, Colorado. The tour has already been through 21 cities on the nationwide tour, so it was only a matter of time before it graced a stage in Colorado. The tour’s headlining act, Borgore, was joined by the stellar support of Zomboy, LAXX, Just A Gent, Decadon and PawS.

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PawS, a local DJ, began the night with a high-energy trap and dubstep set. He expressed gratitude for the fact that he “grew up just a few miles away from here” and was now playing an arena stage with some of his heroes. In one of the more memorable times of the night, PawS closed his set with Afroman’s “Crazy Rap” and killed the music halfway through as he joined the crowd in rapping the remainder.

Next up was Decadon, another Colorado native, who after playing a few songs realized what the crowd really wanted. “You guys like the heavy shit, right?” he pondered openly to the crowd, and was met with a thunderous roar that confirmed his suspicions. His relentless set of industrial sounds and grinding dubstep ensured even the attendants in the stadium seating couldn’t sit down. He impressed me further by whipping out an electric guitar and ripping solos to build up to his biggest drops. Along with playing almost the entirety of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” and Tyga’s “Faded”,  Decadon sampled Weezy, Kendrick, Lil’ Jon and even Rick and Morty with a “Get Shwifty” remix. I was impressed with the overall range of his song selection and enjoyed his final moment onstage when he brought his father on to join him in a photo with the crowd behind.

Just A Gent took the stage in a crisp white shirt, red bow-tie and suit jacket, dressed to impress the Safe In Sound crowd. The opening notes of “Killing In The Name” growled from the speakers and Just A Gent made his presence known. His mixing was phenomenal, replacing entire drops of songs and creating unique combinations of familiar musical elements. He danced around differenct genres of house, down-tempo stuff, DnB and dub, smoothly blending the transitions between. The crowd’s reaction was audible after each new song. After revealing this was his last night the U.S. before returning to Sydney, he charmed us a final time by finishing on a remix of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”.

A quiet anticipation hung in the air as LAXX took the stage. We had seen some impressive sets so far, so expectations were already as high as some of the Denver locals. LAXX did not fail to deliver.

His merciless onslaught of massive proportions shook that crowd to their very core. His music, which I’ll describe as “twitch-hop”, invokes the image of an assault rifle from another galaxy. The unique sound design forces the listener into new sonic territory as they adjust to these foreign, yet somehow familiar, noises. LAXX dropped a ton of new songs in between some of his classics and kept the crowd jumping for his entire set.

Zomboy wasted no time and immediately plunged into his bass-heavy set. Song after song he never led down his attack and the crowd loved him for it. Zomboy‘s stage energy is absolutely electric. Jumping on the DJ stand and banging his head along with the crowd showed how explicit this man’s love for his work is. Sweating bodies by the hundreds gave validation to Zomboy‘s diverse and mind-bending dubstep set.

Safe In Sound’s headlining act came out to low lights and an anxious crowd. Borgore tore that Colorado crowd a new one as his distinct “gorestep” resonated throughout that arena. Elated screams rang out after every drop and the stunning visuals perfectly complimented the disgusting set he played. The energy was contagious throughout the crowd and Borgore was the maestro behind it all. The sea of people responded to his every whim as he threw down some classics and mixed in unreleased tracks. For the few EDM fans with breathe remaining at the end of his set, they couldn’t stop singing his praises.

The 1st Bank Center held a fantastic group of DJs last weekend at Safe In Sound 2016. The attendees and myself were thoroughly impressed with each of them. Bodies tingling and ears pounding, the crowd parted ways to head back to reality. Though the tour takes off to its next city, the feeling that it inspired will remain.

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