[Listen] Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa Go Acoustic with Scared To Be Lonely

[Listen] Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa Go Acoustic with Scared To Be Lonely

Do people still watch music videos? Maybe you’ll reconsider after hearing Scared To Be Lonely acoustic by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa. The song was released a few months ago and is still on rotation. With the dynamic vocals of Dua Lipa, the song is captivating and is great acoustic or not. Both music videos are memorable but if you’re looking for more of a personal connection, check out the acoustic version.

Scared To Be Lonely Acoustic With Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa

I am in love with the acoustic version of this song. Yes, the original version is equally as good. But the overall tone of this song is impactful. This version of the song is equally satisfying and here is why.

Check out Scared To Be Lonely Official Music Video Here.

Scared To Be Lonely has been all over the radio. It seemed to be something I couldn’t escape from. As I was on YouTube, I came across the acoustic version and it changed my mind.

The song hits home for a lot of people. The theme of being scared of loneliness is something that everyone has felt before. The chemistry just in their voices illustrates a story of the raw emotion of loneliness and making a choice whether to deal with it or to settle just because you’re lonely. It’s beautiful how the lyrics and instrumentals flow well together. In both versions, the tone is conveyed in two different tones, which you’d have to find out yourself!

In general, the song is emotional. With live orchestra and vocals, the song’s meaning amplifies. The song flourishes with the acoustic because it brings the lyric to life. Especially, Lipa killing the song with her amazing vocal range. To me, the song stuck with me after hearing the acoustic. As I said, both versions are both strong representations of both Garrix and Lipa as creative thinkers and artists.

What do you think of the acoustic version of Scared To Be Lonely?


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