Searching For Paradise At BPM Festival 2017

Searching For Paradise At BPM Festival 2017

BPM Festival celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this January 6th – 15th 2017, in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico along the Mayan Riviera. Hailed as a mecca by many, this festival’s notoriety is on par with some of the biggest venues/festivals in the world. With over 375 artists in only 10 days, BPM (Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians/Managers) Festival has evolved drastically into an ideal festival destination with 70-80,000 guests instead of the artist & industry retreat that it was originally created for. There are over 75 hosted events all across town that take place from day into evening. BPM Festival grows increasingly magnificent each year since it’s 2008 inception date, with major surprises in store for the decennial celebration.

Early bird tickets were initially released but sold out within the first 30 minutes. Tickets have just been released once more on the 20th, with passes separated into three tiers:

10 Day Festival Pass – $875

7 Day Festival Pass – $585

3 Day Festival Pass (Either The Opening 3 Days Or The Closing Three Days) – $395

They are available for purchase here


Here are the first two artist showcases that have been announced so far:



As you can see, the talent is already of legendary proportions, even with only these two initial releases. You can be sure that it will get increasingly better as January draws closer.


One thing that BPM has voiced out already, is it’s “Amigo Code”, which states:


This re-affirms it’s strong environmental stance on maintaining the cleanliness of the area, especially in preserving the pristine beauty of the beaches, while also setting an amiable vibe for what attendees should expect upon arrival.

While still unheard of by many still, I have been wanting to go to BPM for at least the previous 2-3 years. I mean, take a look at this lineup from last year:


That was the PHASE I announcement! Can you believe that?! Whilst many may not have heard of quite a few of these artists, most techno and house lovers undoubtedly rejoiced or mourned considerably upon seeing this (depending on if they actually got the opportunity to attend this monumental occurrence). If that doesn’t sway the doubtful stoic, then just take the time to watch this recap video from last year.

This is one of the must go to events that everyone should check off of their festival bucket list at least once. I don’t know of any other festival that can rival the scope of talent that BPM Festival offers anywhere in America. So with that said, let’s start making some plans, and meet up for hopefully another edition of Tacos and Techno out in Playa Del Carmen next year!

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