Seven Lions & The Crew Melt Utah’s Mind For Horizon Tour

Seven Lions & The Crew Melt Utah’s Mind For Horizon Tour

Most shows I have attended usually have a cookie-cutter format. You have the opening DJ that plays the mainstream festival bangers that get the crowd rowdy, the next opening artist who incorporates their own work but still plays the mainstream bangers, and then the headlining producer ending the night with their own vibes and crowd. What I just described was the Horizon Tour headlined by Seven Lions, Tritonal, Kill the Noise, and Kill Paris. However, this show was absolutely mind-blowing to the core – the show that led me to tears by the end of the night.

I am a hardcore bass head myself, so when I saw the lineup for Seven Lions’s Horizon Tour at the Complex in Salt Lake City, the show was calling my name. Of course, I was uber excited to see Kill Paris, Tritonal, and Seven Lions, but Kill the Noise was the cherry on top. The bass that was going to be provided was what led me to attend this show.

When I first arrived with my crew, I was able to catch the last ten minutes of Kill Paris’s set. I knew a couple of songs from them that I was able to dance to but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch my favorite songs from Kill Paris. They still were able to get me on my feet and get ready for what was about to come next!

Next up was one of my all-time favorite bass producers, Kill the Noise. Right when he dropped his first song, my friends and I were getting down and dirty to that filthy bass! He always knows how to pump up a crowd! Throughout his set, he dropped some hardcore tracks from Excision, Getter, and of course, Kill the Noise himself. One of my favorite tracks from him is “FUK UR MGMT” and when he dropped it, his set was ultimately on fire. This was my second time seeing Kill the Noise and all I have to say is that he does NOT disappoint!

While Kill the Noise’s bass hyped me up, I was so happy to finally see Tritonal live! I’ve been wanting to see these two boys play a live set for almost a year now and that finally got to happen this week! I loved hearing “Until You Were Gone” and “Surrender” in person, and when they also played, “Colors”, I loved hearing it mashed up with Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”. It was such a beautiful combination. They also dropped their soothing new single “Call Me” and it was all I was asking for in a Tritonal set. If you ever get a chance to see these two bad boys live, please do! Their progressive sounds will amaze you! Check out their new track “Call Me” down below. 

Finally, the peak of the night – the ultimate Seven Lions! Jeff really knows how to trip out a crowd, especially with his visuals showing while his melting music blows your mind. Throughout his set, he mixed up his sounds with his psy-trance and hardcore dubstep. What better combination can you come up with? I love how he always tells a story during his shows – his visuals I would say get a 100/10. One of my ultimate favorite tracks from him would have to be “Higher Love” with Jason Ross, and when he dropped that track, that’s when my tears started pouring down my face. His melodic tunes just really get me going! Seven Lions ultimately throws down the most emotional set there is, and those are always the best type of sets.

Overall, this show really blew me away! I loved the vibes that were taking place in the Complex and I would do anything to have all of these artists come back and perform for me again!

If the Horizon tour is coming to a city near you, do me and yourself a favor and GO! This tour will melt your freakin’ mind! Tickets are here!

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