Shop at and SAVE BIG!

Shop at and SAVE BIG!

Walking through the gates of the first festival of the year is like finally breathing fresh air again. For me, it will be at EDC LV, which is pretty hard to believe. My first festival of the year is arguably the most iconic festival out there. I’ve previously been to EDC NY, but never EDC LV and can only imagine how unbelievably magic that weekend will be.

Our tickets, hotel and flights were taken care of immediately, so now my primary focus is what to wear! Festivals are already the perfect place to be as expressive as you choose, but I just can’t help but feel like there’s an added allowance to go above and beyond in Las Vegas. Although my outfits aren’t fully perfected just yet, I know the majority of my outfits will be from pieces by!

iHeartRaves is an extremely reputable site with the most exclusive and always new styles in rave wear. From booty shorts to bodysuits, to shoes, to pasties and beyond, you can find something to fit your style preference, cost affordability and the most appealing and flattering options for each and every body type.

We all know how hard online shopping can be, especially for women, but I can honestly say iHeartRaves has the most helpful ways to make sure you’re purchasing something that will not only fit, but something you’ll fall in love with deeply. In addition to all of the items being displayed by lovely models, there are also pictures sent in by ravers to see how the pieces really look like unedited and fully natural. They also provide shoppers the luxury of reading comments by actual buyers and their reviews even if they aren’t 100% positive (ex: “this particular piece tends to ride up!” or “this body suit snaps, so be extra careful of going too hard, so it doesn’t open on you!”) The reviews are never nasty, just open and honest about the product, which of course is extremely useful and helpful!

Even with all of the help in the world, there is still no way to be 100% positive anything will look to your liking without actually trying something on. They get that. That’s why in addition to all their positive aspects, they also offer an amazingly easy and convenient return/exchange policy which can be easily found and accessed on their site.

I have fallen in love with so many pieces from iHeartRaves that I just want all of my fellow ravers to be as happy with quality products as I am! For anyone reading, who’s also interested in purchasing some new one of a kind rave gear in preparation for some upcoming rave or festival, feel free to use my exclusive code to save 10% on your entire purchase! At check out, use code SANTINAVIBES and save! This code works at AND! HAPPY SHOPPING, SAVING AND RAVING!

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