Sick Individuals-Focus [Revealed Recordings]

Sick Individuals-Focus [Revealed Recordings]

Stagnation is always a concern when the market is involved, especially the music market. Take Big Room, Though it has enjoyed intense success and popularity, it has shown signs of decline and stagnation in recent times. Mainly because of the cookie cutter epidemic that has begun to plague the genre. There are however those in the industry who have been able to beat this epidemic. Want an example? Take Dutch duo Sick Individuals latest track “Focus”, which uses its “focus” (all pun intended) on its melody, something that is not always done very often in the big room genre.

Though their latest release still pulls all the tricks and punches normally found in the Big Room genre, Focus easily stands out from the rest of the crowd with its more melodic take on things. Coupled with both a very memorable melody and some very fun vocal snippets, Sick Individuals latest release has definitely breathed some new life into the Big Room genre. Those who are still fancying a more traditional sounding big room track will be happy to know that there’s still the traditional chord stabs and dirty saw bass to keep the energy going throughout the track.

The genre of Big Room may be going through a stagnation period at this point (and that happens in many other genres), that does not mean that there will still be unique releases within the genre. Sick Individuals have done a wonderful job at stepping up to the plate and breathing in new life to the genre. Though some may initially dismiss this as another cookie cutter Big Room track, it’s highly advisable to check it out and give it a fair listen. Make sure to grab a legal copy of Focus from your favorite musical portal. Available via Revealed Recordings.

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