Are Ski Masks the New Look For Raves?

Are Ski Masks the New Look For Raves?

Would you wear Ski Masks to the club? Well, as crazy as it may seem, new fashion lines are encouraging this new statement.

Are Ski Masks The New Look?

Alexander Wang teamed up with Addidas Originals to create “Season 2” of their eclectic and vibrant collaborative line. This season includes bright colors and one-of-a-kind looks including ski masks. This teaser video perfectly describes the type of person they expect to rock this look:

Pretty cool, right? This line was designed to encourage cycling and raving, and although it has not yet been released for sale, it is rumored that once it’s released, the items purchased will be delivered by a bike messenger as in the video.

However, this isn’t the only example of this ski mask statement. Another popular clothing line, Badwood, sells their dope ski mask logo that has become quite popular pasted on phone cases, shirts, and even pool floats. Nat Wood, the designer behind this line, has a harsh, yet beautiful, sense of style and creates original pieces.

Ski Masks

Photo Curtesy of Brotherhood Magazine

Etsy also offers unique ski masks that are hard to resist. You can also order custom made masks with your favorite colors, logos, or phrases. LED masks are also a hot purchase on Etsy for raves and fests. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this new trend.

Ski Mask

Photo Curtesy of Brotherhood Magazine

Will you be partaking in the ski mask movement?


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