Why You Should See Skrillex Live

Why You Should See Skrillex Live

When you hear Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Breakin A Sweat or even Purple Lamborghini, you automatically think of Skrillex. He is one of the most influential DJs in the world. He has collaborated with Fat Man Scoop,  Ellie Goulding, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky and many more influencers. Before the summer is over, you should definitely consider seeing Skrillex live and here is why. From personal experience, his DJ sets are life changing, encouraging and also one of a kind.

Skrillex At Mysteryland 2016


Mysterland, the main objective was to see Tchami, The Chainsmokers and Skrillex.



Having repeatedly harassing my friends about Skrillex, here is a little background as to where my fascination started. Before Skrillex was Skrillex, he was lead vocalist of a band called From First To Last. As a vocalist, Sonny Moore is phenomenal also along with song writing. Below is a snippet from one of their songs from 2004.

The musical virtuoso has a self renown style that is unique. It wasn’t until my best friend from college showed me Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in 2011, which I didn’t make the connection that Skrillex was Sonny Moore until many months later.

My Experience

Overplaying Skrillex Ultra Set from 2015, finally seeing Skrillex live for the first time, a feeling of bliss showered over my heart. And the reason why is that each Skrillex set is unique and different in its own. He came out as one of the last sets to go on at Mysteryland on Saturday. Nothing could have prepare me for the life changing experience that was about to take place. No matter how many times you listen to a set, or listen to an album, nothing can compare to the live performance. That is with any artist.


When I saw Skrillex with friends of mine, I cried. (Above is me crying to Skrillex)

The energy I’ve never felt before, the lights and the people at Woodstock was memorable and so worth the wait. He leaves you wanting more, never knowing what to expect and just an energy that cannot be replaced.


He knows how to throw a show and keep the audience engaged. He is phenomenal and a pleasure to be in his energy. From his Snapchat stories, to touring around the world, Skrillex is an artist to follow. He is an artist to know and someone you can expect innovation, style and someone who breaks the mold.

Watch below for a 14 minute recap of Skrillex at Mysteryland 2016.


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