Skrillex to Perform at Fundraiser for Burning Man Art Installation

Skrillex to Perform at Fundraiser for Burning Man Art Installation

Skrillex has no stopping in sight.

Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex will be performing May 27 at the Reno Events Center as a fundraiser for the “Space Whale,” a Sparks-based art installation for Burning Man 2016.

“It’s hard to even find the words for it. He’s super engaged with Burning Man and the arts community,” said Matt Schultz, lead artist for the “Space Whale,” of Skrillex.

“Space Whale” is a 50-foot tall stained glass, full-scale humpback whale sculpture that will be accompanied by a stained glass whale calf at its flank. The two whales will appear with their tails up and their bellies skimming the dusty floor of the Black Rock Desert playa, or the dried lake-bed of what was Lake Lahontan 9,000 years ago.

The whales will weigh 30,000 pounds together and be made of steel backing and 1,800 stained glass panels custom designed by international image layering and experimental artist Android Jones.


Skrillex reached out to Schultz after falling in love with the “Embrace” installation, two androgynous figures holding one another, also engineered out of the Generator and featured at Burning Man in 2014.

“He cares. He really loves the art, the experience and the creative energy of Burning Man,” Schultz said of Skrillex. “We got together last year, and he offered to throw a show for us. It’s enormous.”

Skrillex is expected to assist with the “Space Whale” as well by creating “ambient, creative, reflective,” music for the two creatures.

The “Space Whale” installation is expected to be an interactive one, where light shows and discussions of climate change and energy policy will be ongoing since the vision of the whales to spur discussion about environment.

“We hope to make magic,” Schultz said.

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