Skylab 2016: A New Dimension With Alex Geis

Skylab 2016: A New Dimension With Alex Geis

The stars finally aligned last night as Skylab 2016: A New Dimension, held by Global Dance, came from the heavens and touched down in Denver, Colorado.

The event was situated at the National Western Complex between a mineral showcase and a rodeo, and we all know the best EDM events go down where they shouldn’t. The parking crew, clearly from the rodeo event, were extremely helpful as they kept affectionately referring to Skylab as “that rave over there”.

As I embarked on the decline down to Stadium Arena, I was greeted by hundreds of eager fans awaiting the open swing of the front doors. Twilight descended around us as anticipation for the event made the crowd restless.

These people had bought the ticket; it was time to take the ride.

Eager astronauts waiting for Skylab 2016


At 7 p.m. sharp the doors welcomed all shapes and sizes into the venue. Gigantic floating planets greeted me as I entered Skylab 2016. They coaxed me toward the Launch Pad stage, positioned at the end of what is usually a rodeo arena. Through the night this stage would be graced with appearances by Fury, LA Leakers, Donald Glaude vs DJ Dan, Markus Schulz, KSHMR, and Deorro.

Four stages across the arena designated the liftoff points for the interstellar travelers at the event. Besides the two main stages at the Launch Pad and Bass Lander, festival-goers could enjoy the Explorer and Space Academy side stages.


Launch Pad stage at Skylab 2016.

Launch Pad stage at Skylab 2016.

Launch Pad Stage

On the main stage, Fury and LA Leakers came out strong to start the event, with Donald Glaude vs DJ Dan bringing an eclectic mix of deep house jams and club-ready hits.

Markus Schulz blew away the cleanup spot with his likeable stage persona and infectious tunes. Frequently addressing his “trance family”, Markus Schulz was clear about how much he loves his job. He kept the energy alive in the prime slot by spinning tunes from his new album and mixing in some club classics as well.

The crowd ignited when KSHMR and Deorro took the main stage to round out the night. KSHMR displayed his signature style of melding exotic Eastern melodies with the dirty bass-lines we know and love. Deorro not only played an amazing array of different genres, mixing in songs you wouldn’t expect into an EDM set, but he was hands down was the most huggable DJ of the night.


J|Adore plays her set at the Bass Lander stage.

J|Adore plays her set at the Bass Lander stage.

Bass Lander Stage

Navigating through the cosmos of Skylab led me to the Bass Lander stage, where Bro Safari, Crizzy, Dieselboy, Dirty Audio, Rickyxsan, Kozah and J|Adore shook the planet to its core.

At the Bass Lander stage, J|Adore and Kozah kicked off the night with heavy sets for all the lovers of bass. Rickyxsan and Dirty Audio followed in fashion as their low-frequency downpour kept the energy alive. Dieselboy came after to show he has his drum ‘n’ bass and he is not afraid to use it. Last, but certainly not least, came Crizzly, the young gun from Texas who single-handedly proved even the bass is bigger in that state.

The highlight of my night was the set Bro Safari threw down. With no regard for humanity, Bro Safari unleashed a whirlwind of sonic power into that crowd. Bro Safari electrified the crowd for a final time when he wrapped up the set with his classic Biggie homage “Scumbag”. If you weren’t sweating, you weren’t there. I’m still having trouble feeling parts of my face.


Silent Disco Portal

Tucked away from the chaos of the other stages, the Silent Disco Portal offered a nice break from the onslaught of bass. Listeners could choose between red, blue or green channels to listen to their color-corresponding DJ. It’s a singularly unique experience to watch dozens of people mosh pit in a room of complete silence.

Wrap Up

Overall, Skylab 2016 was a creative way to separate us from our Earthly problems while great music kept us dancing through the night. I thought that four stages in a concentrated area would lead to audio chaos, but the Skylab 2016 crew was able to effectively give us four different artists simultaneously thanks to their ingenuity. The decorations looked great and really tied the theme, and the separate stages, together.

The event promised to lift us into the stratosphere and it certainly accomplished that. With our ears ringing and legs exhausted, the dancing astronauts at Skylab 2016 were ready to go home. The return trip from outer space brought withdrawals, but any memorable experience should do just that.

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