Skylab 2017 Takes Denver To A New Dimension

Skylab 2017 Takes Denver To A New Dimension

Most locals know by now that Global Dance is the biggest name for throwing epic EDM parties in Colorado and its surrounding states. From Global Dance Festival to Decadence, they’ve got the festival scene in this part of the country on lock. What less people are aware of, however, is that they also host tons of crazy club events and decent-sized raves in Denver and its surrounding communities. One of Global Dance‘s most popular raves, Skylab, took place this past weekend, and it’s safe to say it was out of this world.

This year’s Skylab happened on Saturday at its traditional spot, the National Western Complex in downtown Denver. The theme was “A New Dimension”, and boy-oh-boy did it live up to its name! Inside the main arena, known as the “Launchpad”, were giant decorated planet-looking orbs to give the room a truly galactic vibe. Ravers of all kinds flocked to the scene dressed as aliens, astronauts, and everything in between.

Skylab 2017

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In addition to “Launchpad” were three other stages: “Bass Lander”, “Explorer Stage”, and “Space Academy”. Explorer Stage was hosted by the Denver Trance Family while Space Academy was run by the Global DJ Academy. Both were smaller stages throughout the back rooms of the venue, but that didn’t stop the artists from throwing down! The Bass Lander stage was also a side stage, but with a little more size and wattage behind it. Big bass names such as Trampa, Cookie Monsta and Delta Heavy tore this stage apart (figuratively) as the night went on.

The Launchpad begun the night with the talents of Aviva and Trajikk, and worked its way up to bigger and bigger names as the night went on. These names included Darude (yes, the “Sandstorm” guy), Matoma (a Norwegian genius), and Cosmic Gate (a trance sensation from another galaxy entirely). By the time heavy-hitter R3hab took the stage, the energy of the crowd was on another level entirely.

Headlining the show and closing out the night was Canadian duo Adventure Club. These two kept the built-up energy of the crowd going for a solid 90 minutes, which was nothing short of impressive. They started with some heavy bass and dubstep tracks, and throughout the set gracefully transitioned into some slower-paced, more trance-y vibes. Complete with smoke, confetti, and some really cool visuals, Adventure Club‘s set was easily the most euphoric experience of the night. It didn’t hurt that they played several of their most amazing tracks, such as “Gold” and “Crash”.

Skylab 2017

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This year’s Skylab was a wild success, and some might say it was one of Global Dance‘s best events yet. Feel like you missed out? Never fear, there’s always next year. This is an event that seems to show no signs of slowing down for light-years to come!

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