Slander and NGHTMRE for Gud Vibrations Tour

Slander and NGHTMRE for Gud Vibrations Tour

As Slander and NGHTMRE’s Gud Vibrations Tour comes to a close, I am beaming with excitement to say I got to be apart of that wonderfully magical night at PlayStation Theater in New York City.

Choosing which show to go to that night was at first a bit of a challenge because the Gud Vibrations Tour wasn’t the only rave going on in the big apple that night. Zeds Dead was also playing at a different venue. The tough decision-making process began. I thought to myself, well, I’ve never seen Zed’s Dead and I have friends already going to that rave so I could meet up with them and I’ve seen NGHTMRE twice at previous festivals. But, then I thought to myself just how incredibly nasty (and I mean that in a good way, people) NGHTMRE is, and how I’ve never seen Slander, and how they’re touring together going BACK TO BACK. I have friends from Moonrise who now live in Colorado, and since the Gud Vibrations Tour made their way to Colorado prior to New York I had friends to vouch for the absolute epicness of the show.

My mind was essentially made up, but I still wanted to check out Zed’s Dead, so I compared ticket prices, which was ultimately the end all be all as far as a decision is concerned. Unfortunately, Zed’s Dead tickets were way more than I was willing to spend, so it was settled. Gud Vibrations Tour it was and I was stoked. Beyond my excitement for the show itself, I was thrilled that I was taking two of my friends to their very first rave. It felt like Christmas and my birthday (I’m OBSESSED with my birthday) all in one!

We made it all the way up to the front and we got to ride the rail. I’m talking pure head banging magic right-on-the-rail. I mean, we can all agree that’s the best first rave experience ever, right?! We danced all night and were filled with excitement, happiness, and pure love. I got to teach my friends all about PLUR and how to make and exchange Kandi. My heart almost couldn’t handle all the EDM happiness pouring out!

Slander and NGHTMRE left us sore for days and undeniably exhausted but with absolutely no regrets. The Gud Vibrations Tour easily left its mark on my heart and mind and is categorized as one of the best raves I’ve ever been to, especially because that night the EDM rave community added two new family members.

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