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[Watch] Slushii Brings SharkMello on Stage at Sold Out Denver Show 03/02

[Watch] Slushii Brings SharkMello on Stage at Sold Out Denver Show 03/02

His name reminds you of those memorable 7 Eleven runs. His squad runs deep with Jauz, Skrillex, and Marshmello. He’s made a name for himself and we’re here for the journey. Give it up for Slushii.

Future bass and trap DJ is running the game!  His popularity has rapidly grown within the past few years and it’s not slowing down. He wins us over with his sound, his attitude and drive for music! Greatly, he is always in the moment. From his instagram stories, he has created a following that is grateful for him as he is for them.

Sharkmello And Slushii’s Fan Involvement

Being 19, Slushii is one of the second youngest DJ’s in the industry and that says a lot! He brings an upbeat persona and a dream for aspiring artists and fans! Humble and kind, Slushii lives through his fans and always emphasizes the world his fans mean to him.  The sold out Denver show showed that it’s not all about the music, he owes everything to his fans! Since this is his first tour, he showed his fans a great time, selling out his Denver show.

During the show the audience experienced something dope. Slushii brought SharkMello on stage. He noticed him a little before the show and announced it to the crowd.

Slushii’s show in Denver was a pure embodiment of raw emotion. Next, he played an unplugged original that he even stopped his set and everyone joined in. With a wide spectrum of talent, that didn’t stop Slushii for making each and every fan feel special. After the show, he made a point of meeting each and every fan! Surprisingly, he stayed until the end of the show. He made a personal connection with each and every fan. It was an unforgettable night for Slushii fans for sure!

Mix247Edm Exclusive with SharkMello

Special guest appearance by @sharkm3llo in Denver last night 💕

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I had the pleasure to interview SharkMello about his experience on stage with Slushii below!

Tell me about when Slushii brought you in stage? Yeah that was crazy! I was just dancing up at the front of the stage lost in the music and the next thing I knew, I had my friends yelling at me and patting me on the back and shoulders and I looked up and there was Slushii standing over me with his hand stretched out. I grabbed it and my friend Dreamz lifted me up and next thing I knew I was on stage dancing and hyping up a sold out crowd. “It was surreal, but only after the fact. I may have been singing and dancing to the song Alone, but I never felt more at home than I did with all those good vibes and fellow fans supporting Slushii and I.


What was it like meeting him? Tell us more about it? It’s always great meeting Slushii, he’s just really down to earth and humble guy. The love for his fans is just unreal. It was amazing that he remembered meeting me at the International back in October, which is so cool, because he meets thousands of people a week. He even stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with every single fan who stayed after his show. He didn’t leave until everyone was seen; aside from his music him staying there left the hugest impression on me. To be that humble and appreciative of his fans especially at his age is nothing short of remarkable.


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