Slushii is All About That Grime

Slushii is All About That Grime

Fans are sipping on the cold treat that has become a household name in the realm of EDM.

Julian Scanlan, AKA Slushii, is an American DJ that is known for his booming bass drops and his unique sounds and samples. At age 19, this teenager has had a lot of success in his young career with his green hair and Pokemon looking slushie symbol that have contributed to his iconic uprising.

At the New York EDC festival this last year, Slushii had the honor of being brought out on stage by EDM heavy weight Marshmello. Both prominent DJs have also collaborated on a few songs together and Slushii has remixed a few of Marshmello’s songs. Slushii has built a reputation of remixing other DJ’s hits with mainstream samples including songs by The Chainsmokers and Zedd. Slushii has received a lot of recognition since his first hit “Emptiness“, which was released under the Canadian label Monstercat, and came out on April 20th, 2016.

Slushii‘s type of music belongs in one of the many sub-categories of EDM. He produces “Grime” or grimey type of sounds that is more of an energetic and bass dropping type of EDM similar to trap. Grime was created in the early 2000s out in London UK, and according to Complex it is defined as, “Like drum and bass, it is a genre born from a number of different sounds. You can trace parts of dnb, garage, hip-hop, and dancehall as influences, but the hyper take on the 140 BPM zone, packed with half-time beats at one moment into sting driven 4×4 kicks the next.” Although that is an accurate technical definition for what grime music is about, it remains more underground than mainstream even though popular artists like Kano and Dizzee Rascal have utilized it in their sound.

Grime does not poses a lot of vocal lyrics or catchy tunes as its hard hitting drops are sufficient enough for EDM fans to enjoy the sound that causes head banging mixed with an adrenaline rush. It is one of the fan favorites of EDM, and Slushii has a chance to make the sound even more mainstream if he continues his rise to stardom.

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