Small Town Guide to EDM in the Big City Los Angeles

Small Town Guide to EDM in the Big City Los Angeles

During my last year of college, I was lucky enough to receive that chance of a lifetime and move from my small town life in Natchitoches, Louisiana to exciting Los Angeles for an internship. It was both overwhelming and exhilarating, as I had never been in such a massive city in my life. I’d never been exposed to the opportunity to attend EDM shows regularly. A plus was that they were nearby and at my disposal whenever I wanted.

One thing that always kept me going while I was so far away from home was having pretty much-unlimited access to these shows. Especially featuring my favorite DJs at many of Hollywood’s best nightclubs and music venues. Los Angeles has some pretty amazing things going on in the world of EDM. Some include many of their state of the art nightclubs and venues. They are absolutely mesmerizing. Especially to someone who is used to the same old bars in my tiny college town. Here’s my Small Town Guide to EDM in the Big City Los Angeles

Small Town Guide to EDM in the Big City

Los Angeles

Exchange LA

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Exchange LA is a magnificent venue that functions as an enormous nightclub and event space. With four stories, ground-breaking sound and lighting production, and an expansive upper balcony floor with an excellent view, Exchange holds one of the most sensational and electrifying nights out that Los Angeles has to offer. I only went once during my four-month stay in LA, but that is all that it took for me to fall in love with this incredible venue. I attended on the night that Electric House duo Tritonal took the stage. It was hands down my happiest and most dance-filled night in LA.


One of my personal favorites, developed by EDM powerhouse Insomniac, Create is home to performances from the world’s best dance music talent and emerging EDM artists. The venue is also utilized as a place to test out new achievements in sound and lighting production, innovative techniques, and artist sounds before they reach bigger stages. In addition to claiming some of the hottest acts in EDM, Create is a high-energy and spacious venue that still maintains its intimacy. I spent much of time on the weekends within the hallowed halls of Create catching phenomenal performances from the likes of Steve James, Lost Kings, Tiesto, Afrojack, Keys N Krates, Knife Party, and many more. Create is definitely a must see location. Especially for anyone visiting the LA area who is interested in EDM and having the time of their life with other beautiful people and bottle popping.


Avalon is one of Hollywood’s most historic nightclubs and venues. Through the nightclubs’ history of changing hands and titles since the 1920s, it has accumulated an extra-long track record of performances from some of music’s greatest legends. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that the club became known as a beacon for electronic music.

Avalon is well-known for playing mainly trance, techno, house and progressive music, Avalon is certainly more laid back than other LA electronic clubs, but is still just as beautiful and entertaining. I visited Avalon fresh off of the plane from Louisiana a mere few days after arriving in LA. It was to attend a trance show headlined by Guy J, a DJ I had never heard of before. I found myself developing a new respect for different styles of EDM. It was because of my experiences at Avalon. I would definitely recommend the venue to those who enjoy more of a low-key environment or those wishing to branch out and experience something unique.

Overall Los Angeles Experience

My time in Los Angeles was definitely a culture shock, to say the least; an experience unlike any other that I would not trade for the world. Moving back to Louisiana, after all the great music and performances I witnessed was incredibly difficult. But, I sleep better today. Because knowing for sure that the big city lifestyle is more for me now more than ever. I anxiously await the day that I move back to a city as glamorous as Los Angeles and pick up where I left off.