Smirnoff Sound Collective ‘Tribes’ Celebrates Female DJs

Smirnoff Sound Collective ‘Tribes’ Celebrates Female DJs

Girl Power!!

It is refreshing to see women DJs getting the exposure they truly deserve in the known “Boy’s Club” of electronic dance music.

Vodka brand Smirnoff has launched a documentary series on their Smirnoff Sound Collective international music platform. The series named “Tribes” first episode celebrates female DJs.

The 12-minute episode features renowned female DJs from around the world and the New York City-based DJ collective and booking agency DISCWOMAN. The collective’s three co-founding members, Christine Tran, Frankie Hutchinson and Emma Burgess Olson, share their perspective on the role women have played in dance music.

The episode also features DJs such as Nicole Moudaber, The Black Madonna, Star Eyes, Sandunes, Demian Licht and Nina Sonik as they discuss the disparities they face in the industry compared to men.

“It’s almost like a mafia. When you look at the lineups for any of these major festivals with maybe 80 DJs playing and out of them, if you’re lucky, four will be women,” said Vivian Host (Star Eyes). “And you think dance music is so free and open and it comes from this utopian ethos. Like, no way.”

Watch the first episode below:

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