So What’s The Deal With DJ Names?

So What’s The Deal With DJ Names?

Have you ever contemplated what your DJ name would be if you were to start producing EDM music? Let me help you. If you are completely stumped as to what alias you will go by simply take your name or another commonly used term or phrase in pop culture and then remove the vowels. BOOM! You have your hip new stage name. Tons of DJs in the game these days seem to have made use of this popular but sometimes confusing trend.

The removal of A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y is becoming increasingly noticeable among both EDM artists and many performers of other genres. Take DJs like NGHTMRE, DVBBS, SNBRN, and CRNKN for example. Though I sometimes find this trend sort of gimmicky and annoying, I have always found it interesting enough to dig deeper into why so many artists are opting for these bandwagon and catchy nicknames. I discovered that it is derived from a marketing strategy called “disemvoweling.” With pun fully intended, “disemvoweling” is often aimed at the younger generation who have been using shortened text message language for years.

EDM artists are certainly not the first to capitalize on this approach. Big companies like Coca Cola, Nike, and Sony first noticed that this trendy text talk could be easily utilized as a great way to brand their products. By taking away all of the non-essential parts, they were left with something that is more distinct, visually appealing, and what consumers have already become accustomed to in everyday life. Needless to say, it did not take long for the success of this trend to spill over into the music industry.

In the past, when attempting to create the perfect band or stage name, causing any kind of confusion whatsoever was highly discouraged, as the primary goal was to make it easy for fans. These limitations are no longer true today, as we live in a world that is more impacted by the way a name looks and not the ring behind the way that it sounds or translates. Crafting new words and associations by losing the vowels, adding numbers, or spelling things differently, as it turns out, is just another way to be unique and grab attention. Though it can make some people kind of weary to make an attempt at pronouncing the name of the artist for fear of getting it wrong, it certainly is a memorable tactic no matter if you can say it correctly or not. With what seems like an infinite number of artists and bands out there nowadays, and more forming every day, creating a name that is truly original is sure to be challenging.

Whether you think “disemvoweling” among DJs is a good idea or not, you have to admit that understanding the strategy behind it definitely makes a difference. Without a doubt, it has had a positive effect on the potential to generate curiosity and buzz about those EDM artists that you just really aren’t quite sure how to say their name. Maybe it is a phase that will not last forever but for the time being, it seems to be working.

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