Sonny Moore Plays Alongside with FFTL in LA

Sonny Moore Plays Alongside with FFTL in LA

Skrillex has been in headlines quite a bit lately. From reuniting with former band From First To Last (FFTL) to taking a break in the EDM world. All we can do is sit back and watch the transition. A lot of people were a little confused by it. Some didn’t know Sonny’s backstory with FFTL.

This is the first time in a decade Sonny Moore performed along side with FFTL. A video circulated with them performing in L.A and he did not disappoint. It must have been really good to see them together again. The crowd was welcoming when FFTL came out. It made me nostalgic and optimistic for the bands future.

Team Discussion:

Check out our team discussion below!

Lexi: I know many of you have heard that Skrillex might be taking a break from EDM and going back to his former band. What are your thoughts on it?

Alex: It would bring back my 5th grade emo days.

Arielle: From First to Last was never really my thing, but as an artist, you gotta follow the path that your creative energy wants to lead you down. So I support it! I’ll miss seeing his name on festival lineups though. I’ve never seen a bad Skrillex set!

Lexi: It’s crazy how he can go from one medium to another. I remember when I would listen to FFTL and it is just interesting how he is possibly going back to his roots. Skrillex has a wide range of musical talent. From co-founding OWSLA, to collaborating with Diplo with JackÜ, to becoming this staple into EDM.

Sonny Moore, FFTL & Reunion at L.A Show


Arielle: Yeah! I think people who don’t know a lot about him have no idea of the full range of his abilities. I watched the mini documentary about when he directed the Bonnaroo superjam a few years ago. It was honestly incredible just seeing how his brain works and the creativity that went into it. I would definitely recommend watching it, even if you didn’t go to Bonnaroo that year (I didn’t!).

Lexi:  It’s crazy because when I was in Highschool, I listened to FFTL religiously. I didn’t make the connection that Skrillex was Sonny More until my second semester in college, listening to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Do you think the people who aren’t familiar with his musical past are shocked that he is taking a ‘break” and getting back together with FFTL?

Arielle: I’m sure people are disappointed, but I bet FFTL will gain some new fans from people who love what Sonny has been doing recently and will follow him back to FFTL even if they never used to listen to them!

Santina: I think that as an artist, finding yourself is a journey. One that shouldn’t be limited to one defining box known as a label. It’s about exploring, learning and developing. But most importantly it’s about staying true to yourself and absolute happiness. If Skrillex is taking a break from EDM then it’s because at this moment that’s what he feels is ultimately is best for him. So I stand behind that. I admire and applaud the courage it takes to potentially lose fans, essentially start over, and take a leap of faith. I’ll miss him in the EDM scene but I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Lexi: I completely agree!

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