Space Ibiza Set To Be Location for Filming New Star Trek Movie

Space Ibiza Set To Be Location for Filming New Star Trek Movie

Perfect for all the “Trekies” out there.

We have all been wondering what will happen to Space Ibiza after the end of this year’s clubbing season. Well we finally found out! The Matutes Group confirmed filming of the new Star Trek movie will begin there next January.

Rafa Torres, spokesperson for the Matutes Group, spoke to Wunderground.

“Space has become synonymous with the island over the last twenty seven years so it was always our thoughts to try and preserve it in some shape or form. We’re hoping that by having Star Trek, which is also synonymous with Space, filmed there the memory of Space Ibiza will live on forever in our hearts and on screen.”

“A lot of the movie will be set in the back stage, back stage area of the club,” continued Mr. Torres. “It’s usually reserved for artists and management so instead of the cast boldly going where no man has gone before, they’ll be boldly going where only the lucky few have gone before and I’m sure there’ll be some complimentary drinks back there to keep everyone happy.”

The latest addition to the Star Trek franchise, set to be titles Star Trek: The Club Years, will be a prequel to the latest sequel, which itself was a sequel to a previous prequel of a prequel, and will be set in the not too distant future.

Movie producer David Abrahamson also told Wunderground,

“The movie will be set around the year 2105, so it’ll be about one hundred years before Kirk, and it’ll focus on a group of Starfleet recruits who are holidaying in Ibiza during an alien invasion. It’ll definitely be a little different to what our audience are used to, kind of a Kevin and Perry Goes Large meets Battlestar Galactica scenario.”

“We’re really excited to bring the franchise to Ibiza and plan on completely submerging ourselves in the island’s culture, and cocaine, while we’re there.”

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