[LISTEN] ‘Stay Awake’ with Anna Lunoe and Sleepy Tom

[LISTEN] ‘Stay Awake’ with Anna Lunoe and Sleepy Tom

“I used to believe in lots of things, but I’m too old now.” These are the opening words of Anna Lunoe and Sleepy Tom’s latest track ‘Stay Awake’. This freshly released tune (March 31) via Spinnin’ Records veers away from their 2015 collaboration ‘Pusher,’ according to Sleepy Tom’s Instagram post. “We wanted to do something totally different from ‘Pusher’ and create a song we could play at the beginning of our sets to reset your minds and cleanse your palette,” shared the Canadian DJ. “It’s sonically like the ginger on the side of your sushi, the sparkling water with your espresso, but then we drop [the] bass and everything you thought you believed in crumbles in your hands like the sands of time…”

And crumbles, it does. This banger transports you to another world. Its mellow start features Anna’s vocals strung throughout the three and a half minute track: “I believe in people and what I can create…/ I’m happy when it rains and ruins our hair and forces us to change all of our plans…” Halfway through it, as Anna invites you to stay awake with her, the bass drops and suddenly you find yourself in another dimension flooded with strong pulses and vibrations. The song’s title “stay awake” faintly repeats in the background while the track’s energetic and heart-pounding rhythm keep you dancing (or as Anna says, “moving like a maniac possessed“) through the night to the morning sun.

Scroll down to check out the track for yourself, and stay awake.

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