Stay Trendy At Cold Weather Festivals

Stay Trendy At Cold Weather Festivals

Fashion was made for us to express ourselves, and being a native New Yorker it’s almost as if putting outfits together is effortless. However, when it comes to music festivals people put a lot of thought into their outfits. It can also take some trial and errors for the right outfit for rave day. Some people prefer to create their own type of outfits, some choose to stay trendy and shop on Iheartraves. So when you see ladies walking around in a sequin bra, or a kandi halter top, e.t.c she probably made that and it took a week to create.

Sure enough it is super easy to find some fashionable rave outfits when the temperature is super warm. When it’s a festival like Snow Globe, which takes place NYE in South Lake Tahoe California, or Minus Zero Festival , which takes place in Vermont April 7th and 8th…you need to think about layers, and more layers (Did I mention layers…?)

Minus zero fashionHow do you stay fashionable or rave ready? Well here’s some suggestions…onesies are great but wear some thermals and long johns as well, or snow pants are looking pretty nifty lately with its variety of prints on them and style, or you could just wear leggings with long johns underneath. As for the top a sweater, boho chic looking sweatshirts,Or a simple knit with a faux fur jacket, but most importantly don’t forget to wear under armor. Some other suggestions if it’s going to be cold with rain and snow a water-resistant jacket will keep you warm and dry, I would look for one on Amazon depending on your budget. Also, don’t forget about those animal plush beanie/scarf.

minus zero fashion

As for what shoes to wear winter boots would be ideal to wear over your skinnies or leggings to keep your legs and feet warm but don’t forget to layer on socks as well. Wool is recommended.

cold weather rave fashionThis is ideally what you would wear to stay warm but girl if you wanna wear shorts and a sequin bra by all means express yourself 🤗.  Don’t forget the beanies, scarves, face masks, glitter, fake tattoos and gloves! Stay warm and rave safe.

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Pictured: Desiree Komsta