StéLouse and Bryce Fox to Drop Fiendish Banger – Sociopath

StéLouse and Bryce Fox to Drop Fiendish Banger – Sociopath

Just when you thought October couldn’t get any hotter StéLouse and Bryce Fox paired up to drop the fiendish banger – Sociopath.

“Sociopath” takes listeners on a murky tour through a simple yet compelling piano cadence and shrewd lyrics. The track features a haunting whistle tune which supports the barrage of verses laid down perfectly by Bryce. From the chorus to the tempo, every second of this track is masterfully composed. Anyone who has been dropped during cuffing season will be able to relate to the story StéLouse and Bryce convey with their lyrics such as:

                       “I feel ashamed. Embarrassed with rage.

                      So, I bloody the rain on your pity parade.”

Impassioned songstress Allison Robi graces the single’s cover with a half-demon and half-angel gnarl. From production to delivery, “Sociopath” can claim the top spot on everyone’s playlists.

Rocking Steady

Claiming himself a “genre killer,” StéLouse oozes individuality in an arena of music where fans dress in kaleidoscope clothing and listen to Dj’s wearing peculiar headgear. StéLouse is a rock and roll star living out his electronic music dream. Hailing from Denver, the producer and artist began his career playing guitar in multiple rock bands. In need of change, StéLouse remixed countless songs with warm receptions from fans and fellow artists.

“I was eased into the style by electronic music with a rock attitude. It’s not just one thing,” said StéLouse on his web page.

StéLouse will be performing at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado on November 3.

With an EP scheduled to be released October 20, Bryce Fox has a solid track list of soulful gold. Bryce’s “Horns” has well over 1 million views on YouTube and greatly reflects the depth of talent Bryce possesses. Much like StéLouse, Bryce blurs the lines of genres to create a groove that is legitimately incomparable. “Lucy,” Bryce’s latest single, toys with chill vibes and ecclesiastic symphony beneath salacious lyrics.

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