Steve Aoki and Bill Nye The Science Guy Team up

Steve Aoki and Bill Nye The Science Guy Team up

Bill Nye Saves the World, or at least that’s what we’re hoping will happen when the internet’s favorite scientist returns to the small screen this April on Netflix. Everyone can agree that Bill Nye is a national treasure, and one of the most memorable parts of our childhood. Well that have been some developments regarding Bill Nye that will push him into the forefront of awesomeness;

Bill will be tackling hot button issues like global warming, GMOs, and even sex in his upcoming Netflix original series that is slated to debut April 21st. Taking on a similar format to his original Bill Nye The Science Guy series – which has forever endeared Bill into the hearts and minds of millennials everywhere – Bill Nye will be conducting hands on experiments to test theories and to teach science in a way that is interesting and accessible to audiences of all ages. To do this, Bill Nye is inviting celebrity guests onto his new show, including Steve Aoki!

Steve and Bill Nye have an unlikely but inspiring friendship that developed over a shared love of science. The two have previously collaborated on music together, with Bill Nye providing science based lyricism written for Steve Aoki‘s infectious EDM tunes. Because Steve Aoki has always been conscious of writing songs and lyrics influenced by scientific phenomenon, it’s no wonder that the two continue to collaborate with each other.

Bill Nye will also be joined by other celebrities including sassy fashion consultant Tim Gunn, actor Zack Braff, and many more in this new Netflix series. Be on the look out when Bill Nye debuts his new Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World on April 21, 2017!

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