Steve Aoki Is Tthe Face Of New Asics Campaign: ‘I Move Me’

Steve Aoki Is Tthe Face Of New Asics Campaign: ‘I Move Me’

Asics carries shoes that are both comfortable and healthy for your body. The perfect footwear for an average day of walking, running or just everyday life. Yet, this company has very recently announced a new line called ‘I Move Me‘, a movement created to influence individuals to strive toward their passions. And to make it even better, the wonderful Steve Aoki is the face of this new inspiring line.

Gene McCarthy, who is the President and CEO of Asics America makes an announcement about how this movement strives to make a difference.

“Asics stands for anima sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body, and we are so excited to show the world a reimagined interpretation of that mantra. ‘I Move Me’ is more than a campaign. It is a movement representative of the evolution and growth of the Asics brand.”

The brand is changing and in the process, Asics is targeting a new audience. Various brands such as Puma and Teva are using youthful pop icons to alter their marketing and awareness. Aoki caters to a younger, vibrant and very accepting audience. And of course, the products in this line are exactly that. Check out the full line here.

This is not the only fitness project Aoki is a part of since he also announced a partnership with STRONG by Zumba. In this adventure, he creates music for the high-intensity workout. He is emitting positivity to his fans by influencing a healthy and trusting lifestyle. Aoki will also be designing a line of ‘I Move Me’ shoes which he promises to be colorful and vibrant. Two adjectives that could even describe his personal brand.

The promo video that features Aoki’s ‘Kolony’. The advertisement features Aoki as well as other athletes exercising while vibing to the beat of the song. Hence, following the passion and feelings that move them.

Check out the video below!

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