Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead will take you on a journey through Steve Aoki’s eyes. One of the most creative documentaries I’ve seen, it will show you a side of Steve Aoki that is him. The compelling documentary encourages to always push for your goals and to never give up on the dream. This interview features segments from his family and other DJS/Artists such as Will.I.AM, Tiesto, Afrojack, Travis Barker and Diplo.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Steve Aoki lives a crazy life. From 2014, he booked over 300 shows being the most traveled artist in history. Steve Aoki is a machine. At 38 years old, his work ethic is undeniably crazy.
The documentary shows a side of Steve Aoki that connects us to him. Emphasizing the importance of family, aspirations and working hard for your goals. Steve Aoki opens up about his family, especially his father, Rocky Aoki.

Rocky Aoki

Rocky Aoki introduced Benihana, other known as Hibachi to the United States. He was a daredevil and a hero to Steve. He was well-known for his crazy lifestyle and life in Japan and United States. Throughout the documentary, Aoki aspired to make his father proud. Rocky Aoki was an entertainer, daredevil, entrepreneur and more.
Even though his father wasn’t supportive of Aoki, it didn’t stop him from pushing himself to his full potential. This drove Steve Aoki to fight for his dreams and never let any obstacles prevent him from becoming one of the most successful DJ’s in history.

Steve Aoki’s Road To Fame

As a young adult, he started Dim Mak, which is his record label located in California. Ironically, Steve Aoki wasn’t always DJ. When he was 19, Steve was a part of a multiple hardcore bands and moved his way around to remixing punk and rock mixes later on. Til this day, his shows have hardcore/punk elements to it, referring back to his roots in California.  Steve called it DIY Hardcore. Him and his friends hosted called Pickle Patch. Pickle Patch was his apartment that was used as a concert venue.

“Steve bought a rock and roll element to electronic dance music that didn’t exist before.”

Diplo, Jack Ü & Major Lazer


Dim Mak Tuesdays were weekly events held by Aoki’s record label eventually leading him to DJ AM, which was the driving force of Steve Aoki’s EDM career. DJ AM was a huge contributor to Steve Aoki becoming who he is today.
From the people that Steve meet all around the world, there is a love. Steve Aoki is excellent for making fans feel apart of something huge, especially in the EDM community.


Keep Calm and Get Caked

One thing about Steve Aoki is that he is all about the fans. He puts unforgettable shows. Along with DJING, he engages with his fans. Such as caking, which he is one of the first artist to do something so interesting. He was inspired by a video of cakes exploding in people’s faces. He wanted to do something that was never done before.

Why Watch?


 It is nice to see another side of an admirable DJ. From seeing Steve Aoki at Ezoo, this documentary shows a side of Steve Aoki that is just like everyone one of us. From moving to California to creating one of the most innovative record label, the documentary showed the good and bad times of Steve Aoki. His personality is unforgettable and he is just an energy that is positive and uplifting. This documentary will keep you hungry for more.


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