Stop Sleeping On Snow Tha Product And #VibeHigher

Stop Sleeping On Snow Tha Product And #VibeHigher

The rap industry is dominated by men. But, that doesn’t stop Mexican rapper Snow Tha Product from being one of the most talented female latina rappers in the game.

She’s the industry O.G with 10 years behind her. She’s grabbed inspiration from Selena Quintanilla, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Eminem and Lauryn Hill. With about 650K Instagram followers, a fierce flow and the entourage to match, stop sleeping on Snow Tha Product.

Snow Tha Product Stops in North Carolina on the #Vibe Higher Tour

I was extremely fortunate to see her perform at the Motorco venue in Durham, North Carolina last weekend. She stopped her alongside with many other dates on her #VibeHigher Tour and continues to add on dates. The Vibe Higher Tour sold out the show in North Carolina along with many other shows in the United States.


#VibeHigher Tour Tickers Available here.

The main energy I got from her stop in North Carolina was three components.

Fresh, Fire and F*cking Real.

It was evident in her performance that she is a trailblazer aspiring women who want to make it in the rap industry. Her fan base wasn’t just adults. Every age was welcome at her show. She embraces her culture in, being a severy way possible and she is fire when she comes to rapping.

Behind The Message of #VibeHigher

Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product gave North Carolina a great show. She performed alongside with Castro Escobar, LexTheGreat, and AJ Hernz, who were all phenomenal. One thing that really spoke to me was how involved she was with her fans and her message behind #VibeHigher.

The brand reflects how to chase after dreams and disassociate yourself with someone who isn’t on the same wavelength as you are. It was aspiring to know that there is a cause that is as uplifting and about you like #VibeHigher represents.

She won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Fight Against the System and she isn’t stopping the fight against injustice and racism against Latinos. She’s well known for her albums Unorthodox, Good Nights and Bad Mornings and The Rest Comes Later & Half Way There…Pt. 1. And singles, Nuestra Cancion Prt.2, Waste of TimeLet U Go, NightsG Eazy Far Alone Remix and Ay! Ay! Ay! to name a few. If you haven’t checked her out, stop sleeping on Snow Tha Product.

Want to check out Snow Tha Rapper? Check out her tour dates below.

Snow Tha Product