[Listen] SUMERA Signed Onto Don Diablo’s HEXAGON + Releases New Single “Faith”

[Listen] SUMERA Signed Onto Don Diablo’s HEXAGON + Releases New Single “Faith”

Berlin-based poet, producer, and songwriter, SUMERA, was recently just signed onto Don Diablo‘s HEXAGON Imprint, along with releasing her new single “Faith”!

Throughout the track, “Faith”, SUMERA hooks the idea of what it means to be an empowered woman in the 21st century. As a self-made woman, writing and producing her music, SUMERA details the constant push and pull in the fight to redeem herself of all that oppression and that guilt and that shame that historically silenced and executed women.” She explores what it means to fully connect with another human being, and that’s where the delicate, “Faith”, comes into play!

Don Diablo, himself, says that it has been an interesting move on the dance music label

“This hair-raising tune by Sumera is part of a trilogy and the follow-up single to ‘Animal’ which I released earlier this year on my label. Sumera is an amazingly talented singer and artist in her own right and showcasing talent and passion is what HEXAGON is all about. Let’s keep pushing things forward. Xxx”

SUMERA has traveled all her life, where she spent the past few years bouncing between Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and London, understanding what the music industry is all about, including her own creativity within her music. Her influences include artists, such as Fado, Björk, Kate Bush, and the Amália Rodrigues.

Listen to the liberating “Faith” down below!

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