Super Duper Kyle was Super Duper at Gold Rush

Super Duper Kyle was Super Duper at Gold Rush

Gold Rush Music Festival was a truly unique experience. But that’s what you get when you put an EDM concert at a cowboy-themed Western Town event center. You also get ravers rocking Stetsons and cowboy boots with their iridescent body suits. But for an event with such major name artists like Marshmello, Migos, Dillon Francis, and San Holo, I’d have to say my favorite act was as unique as the festival itself: Super Duper Kyle.

Super Duper Kyle is a rap artist whose style is a perfect blend of rap and EDM. He and his DJ, Super Duper Brick, put on an awesome show. The two of them play off each other’s energy on stage and really work the crowd. And they have a sense of humor, which never hurts a performance.

Throughout the act Brick would interrupt Kyle as he talked to the crowd by smashing a bomb sound effect on his pads. Kyle played off it and told the crowd the only way Brick would stop would be if the crowd got super lit in the next song and danced hard. The crowd did… but Brick still brought the sound effect back just to mess with Kyle.

Super Duper Kyle’s raps are fun and Super Duper Brick’s beats are up-tempo and fun. You just want to smile and dance. But that’s fitting as one of their albums is named “Smyle”. The duo even did a couple little choreographed dances as Kyle rapped, which the crowd just loved.

Now, don’t make the same mistake that I did when I tried to find him on Spotify. Super Duper Kyle doesn’t show up when you search Super Duper Kyle. You have to just search KYLE. So check him out and next time he and Super Duper Brick are in your area you have got to check them out. You’ll have a ton of fun.


Cover Image Credit: Shows I Go To