“SuperHuman” Puts BlackGummy On (My) Radar

“SuperHuman” Puts BlackGummy On (My) Radar

SuperHuman is the latest release by BlackGummy, a lesser-known producer discovered by the Mau5trap label back in 2015. He has a small following, with less than 3000 followers on Spotify. He has only released 11 tracks. SuperHuman has garnered less than 9000 plays on Spotify since its release on January 16th.

Do not let these numbers fool you, BlackGummy makes great music and deserves a better following than he has. SuperHuman’s darker musical tone and lyrics piqued my interest in BlackGummy. After I first listened to the track, released by Ninety9Lives, I went back and listened to his other music and liked all of it. SuperHuman marks BlackGummy’s first lyric-driven track. This follows in a trend I’ve noticed of EDM artists releasing tracks that rely more on vocals than instrumentals, making them more radio-friendly. SuperHuman features singer/songwriter Colleen D’Agostino. It also marks a departure from his normal style, a unique blend of dance music and industrial electronic music.

Colleen D'Agostino

Colleen D’Agostino is also a rising artist. She has a little over 3000 listeners on Spotify. She started out in the band The Material in 2005 and has since branched into side projects, including some solo releases. The most popular track under her name as a solo artist is “Stay”, a Deadmau5 track she is featured on. D’Agostino‘s vocals are perfect on SuperHuman – simultaneously matching the story she tells and becoming an instrument in the music. The lyrics show that D’Agostino is just as good a songwriter as she is a singer.

SuperHuman starts with a simple drumbeat with a few synth chords. It stays like that through D’Agostino’s lyric “it started out just like any other day, when my world crashed down and I was left without a word to say”. Then, when the story starts to pick up, so does the music. Still, the music maintains a more somber tone throughout, matching the tone of the lyrics. An instrumental break in the middle of the song hints at BlackGummy’s industrial roots. It then eases back into an EDM sound, backing D’Agostino’s vocals. The song ends with a solid beat for us to dance to as we take in the story of SuperHuman.

BlackGummy may have a small following but, after the release of SuperHuman, you know I’m eagerly waiting to see what comes next.

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