Surviving When It’s Not Festival Season

Surviving When It’s Not Festival Season

As all of us EDM-loving, festival-going ravers know, festival season is the highlight of the year. It’s when our hardest decisions are which ones to choose to attend, and what to wear to them. But as the summer turns to fall, those multi day festivals escape us for a while. As heartbreaking as it is, we can survive, but only because the music never stops, and shows still continue on.

The best and easiest way to ease some of the pain of not attending a three day festival for a weekend is to still find and attend shows. So maybe it’s not three days of calculating which DJ to see at a certain stage at a certain time, and maybe it’s only for an evening, but hey, that just means there’s more energy to dance even harder to make the most of that night. My suggestion, as well as my nightly ritual, is to look up your favorite DJ’s and check out if they’re on tour. Some major DJ’s touring right now are Porter Robinson, Marshmello, Big Gigantic, 3LAU, Cash Cash and many more. If any of these artists are your “can’t-miss-must-see DJ’s” definitely check out if they’re playing in your city! For some shows that aren’t so heavily advertised, I’m constantly looking up local venues and trying to uncover some DJ’s I maybe don’t even know about!

When the local shows are a tad far and few between, that doesn’t mean the rave/festival mindset ceases. Quite the contrary, actually. The best part about festival season ending, is how quickly those festival dates are re-announced for the following year. That means the planning begins! It’s something to be eager for and look forward to. It gives us the opportunity for some online shopping for new rave gear and the newest festival fashion finds. Planning for festivals in the future opens up the opportunity to do so with your new “festie bestie” that you met at a previous festival. To me, that is one of the most amazing and truly rewarding parts of the EDM community. The fact that we’re genuinely a family. When you meet someone, girl, boy, single, taken, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is open, everyone is free, everyone is ready to gain a new best friend forever. I’ve been in constant contact with a few wonderful souls I met at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, MD. Reminiscing on our magical memories of those past festivals keeps the flame bright and the excitement for the future festivals at an all time high.

And lastly, it goes without say, to keep that rave vibe constant, always listening to your favorite artists and DJ’s will if nothing else, keep your energy positive and vibes high. Music from your computer, phone, or iPod is no comparison to a night out at a live show, or for of course a multi day festival, but if it’s the only way to keep the music going while waiting for the next time we get to attend that first festival of the new season, it’ll just have to keep us alive so we can survive!

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