Terror in Orlando

Terror in Orlando

This weekend we woke up both Saturday and Sunday to horrible news about tragic events in Orlando, FL.

If your like me when you wake up you do your normal phone notification checks, after getting your coffee. While checking my Facebook on Saturday morning I saw the shocking news about Christina Grimmie being shot right after her performance at The Plaza. Her brother taking down her shooter after she was approached by a 21-year-old man wielding two handguns and a hunting knife during a signing with fans. During the struggle the assailant also shot and killed himself.

The Voice finalist will be remembered just as we remember another who was taken from us too early, Aaliyah.

R.I.P Christina Grimmie


Waking up Sunday morning, again doing the normal checks looking through notifications I saw more news. At first I thought it was more people sharing their feelings and sadness from Grimmie’s shooting. Scrolling more I began to see the news of the horrific attack that happened at Pulse Nightclub, one of Orlando’s most popular gay clubs, not far from the shooting the night before.

Pulse came under assault by Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, Florida, wielding an AR-15 and handgun at 2am just after last call. The gunman called the police himself 20 mins into the shooting to pledge allegiance to ISIS. A three hour standoff with hostages ensued. At about 5am ET the police knocked down a wall to the nightclub where several hostages were able to escape. A shootout with the gunman began. In the end the gunman was dead along with 50 club goers and 53 more are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Reports are coming out by the minute from survivors, parents and law officials. The Orlando community is asking for blood donations, water, snacks and a gofundme to support the victims.

Call it a terrorist attack, call it a hate crime, it is a heartbreaking attack on American soil. The LGBT community and people of Orlando is in our thoughts, we weep with you. I only hope there are no more casualties. More news will come out tomorrow at 10am about the status of the club-goers taken to the hospital.

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Cover photo credit: Doug Clifford/The Tampa Bay Times via AP