Terror Jr Ends Bop City Trilogy with Surprisingly Great EP

Terror Jr Ends Bop City Trilogy with Surprisingly Great EP

Within the span of 11 months, pop-EDM trio Terror Jr has released three projects. The trio, which consists of producers Felix Snow and David Singer-Vine and vocalist Lisa Terror, launched the Bop City era last October with the release of their debut by the same title. They’ve created their signature sound with 808-heavy production and auto-tuned vocals, along with raunchy lyrics often alluding to sex or substance abuse.

Each of Terror Jr’s projects represents a stage of falling in love. The first installment represents infatuation contains songs like “Sugar,” in which Terror sings about wanting to “kick it till sunrise,” with a newfound flame.

The second installment, Bop City 2: TerroRising, represents destruction. It contains songs like “Dead Girl Walking,” which opens with the line “when I walk in the room, I think about leaving.”

While a lot the songs on their two previous projects were catchy and pop-ready, they weren’t necessarily groundbreaking, nor did they really merit extravagant levels of acclaim. Their newest project, Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple, shows how the group’s sound has developed over the course of the past year. The album focuses more on Terror’s vocals, withdrawing much of the auto tune adjustments and utilizing minimal instrumental production.

On Bop 3, Terror finally musters up the courage to acknowledge the red flags and leave the aforementioned destructive relationship. The EP opens with “Lifeline,” on which Terror notes that both parties have become codependent on each other over time. Over the course of Bop 3‘s seven tracks, it becomes more and more clear to the listener that Terror is ready to let go and move on. By the third track, Terror notes that the relationship can’t be good for either party if all they do is “fight and f**k.”

Bop 3 closes with “Useless,” with Terror informing her partner that she’s ready to leave him. “It’s useless to feel useless,” Terror says, acknowledging that everything she’s been through with this guy has left her drained.

As a trilogy, the Bop City era is genius, however, it’s the trio’s most recent effort that stand’s out the most. Bop 3 is Terror Jr’s most flawless and cohesive project thus far, and it sets the stage for what’s next for the group.

Terror Jr is set to embark on their Grapeland Tour, which kicks off this coming Friday at San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop.

Be sure to check out Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple and let us know what you think!

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