Terror Jr Reveal Bop City 3 Details

Terror Jr Reveal Bop City 3 Details

The past year has been a big one for Terror Jr. With an EP under their belt, along with a full-length album and upcoming tour dates, the pop-EDM trio shows no signs of slowing down. Just three months after the release of their second project, Bop City 2: TerroRising, Terror Jr is set to release the third installment of the Bop City series on September 29. The third installment will be called Bop City 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple, and contain the single “Holding Your Tongue.”

“Holding Your Tongue” clocks in at just two minutes and 23 seconds and is lyrically about a woman suspecting that the end of her relationship may be near.

Bop City 3 is to precede Terror Jr‘s upcoming Grapeland tour, which kicks off in October and will include sets in Toronto, Chicago, Brooklyn, and at LA’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival. They will be accompanied by up-and-comer Kid Froopy at every event, with the exception of the latter.

According to the group’s Twitter account, the once-anonymous lead singer, who goes by the alias Lisa Terror, will be showing her face, as opposed to “Sia-ing it.”

Although not much is known about the mysterious Lisa Terror, fans of Terror Jr had previously theorized that the singer was Kylie Jenner or Kiiara. The album cover, which features Lisa Terror herself, was unveiled this past Friday, officially shutting those rumors down.

Although Lisa Terror’s actual name has yet to be confirmed, fans have come to the general consensus that the singer is Lisa Vitale, who originally came to fame via YouTube covers.

Terror Jr‘s Grapeland tour kicks off on October 6 in San Francisco. Given that this is their first tour, we’re not sure what to expect, however, plenty of grape imagery is guaranteed.

In the meantime, check out their new single, “Holding Your Tongue” below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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