Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist Ideas

If you were asked to make a playlist of songs that inspired you or songs you were grateful to have listened to what would your playlist comprise of for Thanksgiving dinner?

It’s Thanksgiving this Thursday . Majority of families in the United States are preparing menus or preparing to start black Friday shopping. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for a lot of people it is also a time for families to gather together catch up and eat wonderful array of food. Watch lots of football even if it’s not your first option. Also for most people it is a representation of gratitude and a day to express what you are most thankful for.

In the season of giving and expressing gratitude. I decided to write an article about some of my favorite house, dance music artists songs and sounds that have inspired me. Music I am grateful to have on my play list.

The first artist I would have to add to that play list would be Linkin Park. Their sound is edgy and raw. Their music expresses a lot of issues that people face but don’t necessarily talk about. “Crawling “would have to be one of the songs on my playlist. Crawling is a sound that reminded me that I wasn’t alone. Who doesn’t love a few screaming tracks with a guitar in the background

The second artist would be Yppah. I love the collective eclectic sound. I would definitely have to put “ Never Mess with Sunday,’ “ D.Song” and “Her Star Wont Shine” I love to dance moves to Yppah songs and his music has the ability to uplift me and you can not help but chill out and just be content. It is a sound that makes me present and aware.

The third artist would be Calvin Harris. His sounds brings me to my feet and non-stop dancing. I can listen to his music at the club or in my house cleaning. It would be hard to just have one Calvin Harris song on my play list. I would have to choose “How Deep is Your Love,” “Bounce”  and Calvin Harris with Rihanna “We Found Love” and “This is What You Came For”.

The fourth artist would have to be RR Workshop “Electrolux” Orginal Mix and The Fifth artist would be Perfect Stranger “Perfect Static” My two favorite songs I have danced to so many times and can never get tired of.

I can not have a dance mix with out adding “Solar Sailer” by Daft Punk.  I loved their music even more when I got a chance to hear them live twice and was hooked. Their sound definitely moved me and was so inspiring.

Kaskade “Only You” is such a good song that I still have it in my play list. It was hard to narrow it down to only one song. If I had to choose only one song it would be this one.

I would end my mix tape with The Glitch Mob the two songs I would add is “Fortune Days” and “Between Two Points” featuring Swan. The Glitch Mob has a unique sound and when you listen to the same song over I can hear a different beat each time.

This Thanksgiving week as everyone is thinking about what to eat on Thanksgiving. I challenge you to think about which music artist songs are you most grateful for or has inspired you. If asked to make a playlist of artist that have inspired you or music you are grateful to have in your life what songs would be on your list?