The Beats of Mura Masa’s Self-Titled Debut Album

The Beats of Mura Masa’s Self-Titled Debut Album

One of the most long-awaited debut albums and most anticipated albums of the summer is finally out. Mura Masa, AKA Alex Crossan, put out another exceptional collection of beats July 14th and the artists featured on his self-titled debut album are many. The album has a good mix of ephemeral and tropical beats throughout, but Mura Masa becomes entirely something all its own overall.

Messy Love” has cool bell effect and reverb, along with playful use of piano and these lofty kind of breathy lyrics, and of course a kickin’ drop. “Nuggets” (featuring Bonzai) has evocative, just fun lyrics and a good harmony between synth and bass. “Love$ick” (featuring A$AP Rocky) has such awesome piano work, and the steel drum and vocals are kind of tropical, creating a unique mix. The more emotional lyrical breakdown was surprising, but good, and of course leads into Rocky’s epic freestyle (which really cemented it in as one of my favorite tracks).

“All Around the World” (featuring Desiigner) has some great wind instrument work and an ethereal feel to the song overall. “What If I Go?” (featuring Bonzai) has these bouncy tropical elements, some really cool horn usage, and I think the vocals are rather entrancing as well. “Firefly” (featuring NAO) was out on prior EP, still a great song on this album with its wobbly bass and funky beat. “Helpline” (featuring Tom Tripp) has a trippy surfer intro that goes into this funky techno beat, it’s really unique, and the breakdown is pretty 80s so bonus points there.

“Second 2 None” (featuring Christine and the Queens) is a nice, mellow song, with good use of the steel drum and vocals together. “Who Is It Gonna B” (featuring A. K. Paul) is another unique song on Mura Masa. It has a slow start, but gets super quick, and employs a nice use of this light tapping effect for resonance. The last track, “Blu” (featuring Damon Albarn), has fun use of harp and plays with the lyrics in strange, cool way.

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