The Chainsmokers Ft Phoebe Ryan-All We Know(Oliver Heldens Remix)

The Chainsmokers Ft Phoebe Ryan-All We Know(Oliver Heldens Remix)

Unless you do not listen to radio, browse the internet, or listen to music in general, chances are you know The Chainsmokers. This American EDM duo have catapulted themselves to the music limelight in the last few years, especially the year 2016. Last year was certainly very friendly to the duo. With a bevy of chart toppers such as “Roses”, “I Need You Right Now” and the critically successful “Closer”, one would think that this duo would have scaled back after so many big hits in one year. Alas, they were able to sneak in one more hit: “All We Know.” Featuring the vocals of Phoebe Ryan, “All We Know” took a more laid back approach compared to The Chainsmokers other recent entries. Though the track received positive feedback, some fans were a little disappointed that it lacked the same energy and emotion of the duo’s previous hits.

Fortunately, Dutch future house producer Oliver Helden’s has come to the helm to give The Chainsmokers latest single a nice little boost in energy, and emotion. One of the most obvious changes that listeners will notice is the BPM. Amped up to 124 BPM(from the original’s 90BPM), the increase in energy is immediately felt. These aren’t the only changes however, groovy percussion and a clean future house bass are also included in Heldens remix, which add yet another layer of energy, and also help Phoebe Ryan’s vocals shine, giving the track a little more emotion.

2016 was certainly a big year for The Chainsmokers. Ending their year on a more mellow note is by no means a bad thing (in fact one could argue its a good thing). However even the best need a little bit of help from time to time to scratch that itch that can’t be reached. Luckily, Oliver Heldens remix helps scratch the itch for those who prefer the more club like side of The Chainsmokers. Make sure to grab a legal copy from your favorite music portal.

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