The Future of Music Festivals is Technology

The Future of Music Festivals is Technology

The concept of the music festival originated dates back to ancient times, when The Pythian Games at Delphi included musical performances, and may be one of the earliest festivals known. During the Middle Ages, festivals were even often held as competitions. The evolution of the modern music festival however, originated in the remnants of Woodstock and even the fast times of the 80s. There are literally thousands of music festivals around the world and new events are being produced every year.

These musical celebrations have come a long way since ancient times, as is customary with the times. But it’s truly extraordinary to behold what the future of festivals hold for us. Technology rules our lives and that seems to be the direction music festivals are heading in; becoming for tech savvy to improve the experience.

Emerging technology was seemingly the theme of this year’s Xlive conference in Las Vegas. After all, technology has ruled the 21st century and there are no signed of stopping. Hundreds of professionals from all over the country convened at the conference to share ideas, speak, network with other professionals and go through an experience, all brought together by the advent of new tech. The new innovations I witnessed were truly revolutionary, even by today’s standards.

Virtual Reality

Probably the most well known example of augmented reality at a festival is the hologram of Tupac Shakur that rapped on stage with Snoop Dogg at Coachella in 2012. Coachella have also fired the starting gun in the VR race, sending out a virtual reality viewer to all ticket holders to this year’s event, to be used in conjunction with a phone app. The popularity of VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift will dictate how long it takes for festivals to adopt VR as a matter of course, and 2016 will probably be a bit early for most.

RFID Chips

Think back to the last time you got a ticket to go into a festival. You might have just received a wrist band that you flashed to security. Those days are long gone as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) are the latest in festival technology. The benefits of RFID for events go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike. Fans can choose to link their emails, social media profiles, and even wallet with their RFID wristbands or badges before the event to engage in new ways day of.

One company of note that is utilizing RFID chips in a great way is FastBar. Fast Bar’s mission is simple; everyone hates long bar lines. They reduce attendee satisfaction and impact bar revenue. FastBar solves the problem of long bar lines for special events with a simple, cashless, high-speed payment solution that improves attendee satisfaction, and increases bar revenue. You simply connect your credit card electronically to the chip and you can purchase items with a single swipe.

Live streaming and advanced video technology

With huge advances in drones and video technology, festival organizers can capture videos and images of gigs that will be able to transport attendees back to the moment they were there, or entice future gig goers to next year’s event.

On top of that, the advent of technologies like Oculus Rift which will be released next year, means that in the future wannabe festival goers won’t even need to leave their sofas to experience the event, with organizers perhaps offering two tier ticketing systems for actual and virtual attendance.

Thousands of people from around the world attend music festivals every year with a purpose; they want to hear their favorite DJ or band play live, they want to get away, they want a life changing experience. As we move further into the future, technology plays a big role in how we experience these live events. The future is one of revolution and innovation.

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