The Horror That Was TomorrowWorld

The Horror That Was TomorrowWorld

This weekend held host to a plethora of music festivals across the United States. From Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland Bay Area in California, to TomorrowWorld in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Everyone looked forward to this weekend of madness and mayhem, but little did the denizens of TomorrowWorld know the events that were going to unfold last night as the end of Day 2 drew to a close.

TomorrowWorld experienced a series of days of continuous rainfall, which lead to lagoons of mud and swamp like conditions. Hampered by such conditions, the promoters at TomorrowWorld had no choice but to close down all pick up and drop off ride services including cabs, shuttles, and Ubers. Attendees leaving TomorrowWorld were faced with a dire predicament of being stranded along the sides of the muddy roads with nowhere to hide from rain, and without access to shelter or water. The lucky ones managed to hop on the shuttles and buses that were already present, having to help push the vehicles out of the mud along the way out. The unlucky ones ended up walking almost up to 10 miles to a point where they would be able to get picked up, or many ended up just sleeping along the sides of the roads in the mud with no cover from the rain. The thousands of unlucky ones endured these conditions for hours, many not even making it home till after 6 AM from an event that ended at 12:30 AM.

TomorrowWorld released a statement today stating, “Continuous rainfall over the last three days has severely limited capacity of the parking lots, entrance roads and drop off locations in and around the festival site. the experience of the TomorrowWorld visitors is always TomorrowWorld’s number one priority, so TomorrowWorld was forced to close all daily parking lots and drop off locations. TomorrowWolrd regrets that festivalgoers with day tickets, guest list tickets, and anyone not already camping at DreamVille will unfortunately not be able to access the festival.” So out of the estimated 190,000 that were in attendance from the first two days, only about 40,000 that camped in TomorrowWorld’s DreamVille campsite will be allowed back into the venue for the last day. Many horrific first hand experiences can be found online in Facebook forum groups, Twitter, and this Reddit thread titled “Walking The Trail Of Tears”


*All photos belong to @EDMPocahontas on Twitter