The Magician Rocked LA At Academy LA Saturday Night

The Magician Rocked LA At Academy LA Saturday Night

The marvelous, the mystical The Magician came to Los Angeles this past Saturday night and showed us a good time!

Stephen Fasano is the man behind The Magician and he never disappoints in a set… ever. The house and nu-disco DJ and producer set forth on his North American and Mexico tour on January 12th with his third stop in Los Angeles at Academy LA.

That night, The Magician got on stage to a rowdy crowd in his notably calm and collected manner and let us begin our boogie. He featured tracks such as Lil Silva’s “Seasons”, Fabich’s “One, Two” and Format B‘s “The Scoop” which has an awesome melody and the perfect drop for Academy LA to bust out their fog machine. All of these songs flowed perfectly together and, of course, The Magician put in a few of his own songs such as his famous “Sunlight” track that everyone was singing along to. The Magician also released his new track “Las Vegas” on January 19th, just a day before the Los Angeles show. He used this track as one of the last songs in his set to end out the night. If you ask me, a perfect way to wind down a great show.

In regards to the venue, Insomniac and Exchange LA teamed up and recently opened the revamped nightclub now known as Academy (previously known as Create) and designed the perfect space for The Magician to rock our world. The club’s newest and most noticeable features are the five rows of giant LED screens that stretch across nearly the entire ceiling of the venue. This allowed attendees to have a full light experience to go along with the lively music they were tapping their feet too. From personal experience of attending Create nightclub just a few months prior, I can confidently say this club got a much-needed facelift and will be seeing myself and many others at this club more often because of it.

If you’d like to listen to The Magician, check out his Soundcloud here and his Magic Tapes he creates every month. His tapes consist of new music from a variety of artists popular and new and are always impressive. You can also check out his new track, “Las Vegas” below.