The Nostalgia: Dash Berlin Plays Marquee 12/15

The Nostalgia: Dash Berlin Plays Marquee 12/15

Dash Berlin is on the level as Tiesto, Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren. Being able to experience his set in NYC for my birthday weekend was nothing more than a pinch of perfect. It was Nostalgia-Perfect.

The Dash Berlin Experience at Marquee

Dash Berlin

I finally had the chance to experience his set. I didn’t get the full chance to witness the music and the vibe when I saw him at Ultra this year. But, here I was. I’ve heard in passing that he doesn’t really play his older Dash Berlinmusic, which I am a huge fan of but I was willing to give it a shot. And of course, I got to witness his set with the love of my life and one of my best friends.

I was listening to Dash Berlin’s EDC Mexico Set prior to the show and I didn’t know what to expect.

Dash, as my boyfriend says has the same intensity as KSHMR, which made me look forward to seeing Dash B with him for the first time.

Experience Dash Berlin With The Loves Of My Life

My boyfriend made a special trip to see me for my birthday and also to see Dash. He is a huge fan of Dash Berlin and missed the show in Charlotte, NC a couple of weeks ago due to car issues. When we finally entered Marquee, my boyfriends face lit up. He’d never been to Marquee and taking him there, it changed everything.

A lot of people have mixed reviews about Marquee, but my mind was changed after his show. Dash Berlin opened with Symphony and it was a strong opener for his show. Confetti as everywhere and I was in the moment, not letting my phone get in the way. That’s where my boyfriend and I locked eyes.

Dash BerlinMy best friend, Selene Garcia was also in the moment singing every single word. It was her idea we’d go see Dash Berlin and everyone was ecstatic. I haven’t seen my friend since Electric Zoo so it was amazing spending my time with her. Seeing her love for Dash as well made me love him even more. We had a moment when he dropped Better Half of Me.

Man On The Run, Heaven, and Exploration of Space

A friend of mine mentioned to me that it’s a rare occurrence that Dash Berlin performs his older music. I am a fan of old-school electronica and trance. I was overjoyed when he performed Man on the Run and Exploration of Space. It brought such a different vibe to me that was extremely nostalgic for me. Hearing Heaven and knowing that’s one of the most famous songs of all time, made me content with his performance.

Man on the Run is one of my favorite songs by Dash Berlin. Given the Nostalgic factor of his music, made me feel the way I would have felt at Axwell Ingrosso, KSHMR or even Armin Van Buuren. I was happy to be at the right place at the right time when he dropped Man on the Run.

Experiencing Dash Berlin with the people I love for the first time was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had in my life. If you asked me to go again, where can I get my ticket?